Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Rock Shadows", Original Landscape Oil Painting,Colorado/Wyoming Artist Armella Kirk Benton

Rock Shadows--A landscape painting of Southern Colorado arid land. Areas of the world, with exception of deserts, rely on water to create color for the landscapes. Not so the aforementioned arid areas of our world. Colors created for everyone, but especially artists, in southern Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona are mind boggling; in spite of an absence of water. From a limited pallet can be created value, shape, color for beauty....This is a small painting 5" x 6".....If you are interested in having this painting for you home or office please contact me at: or if you would enjoy see more of my paintings please log on to

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Josephine's Place" Original Contemporary Landscape Paintings, Colorado/Wyoming Contemporary-Impressionist Artist Armella Kirk Benton

" Josephine's Place "

The abandoned-buildings falling into the dirt are all that remain of this home/ranch, and are found as you travel on the Laramie River Road that turns North off the Poudre Canyon Road out of Fort Collins, Colorado toward Wood Landing, Wyoming. It is not often we are fortunate to learn the story of an abandoned home in the Rocky Mountains. My friend Deb Michelson, who had worked on the ranches near there, was able to tell me the story of Josephine's.
"Here's what I know about the old buildings & property we call "Josephine's". Ralph Jordan started the Rawah Ranch in 1952. He had a partner for a short time, named Red Vernon, but the two had a falling out, and Red leased the property immediately to the south of the Rawah Ranch. He built guest cabins and called his place "THE Rawah Ranch"; some harmless shots were rumored to have been fired between Red and Ralph. Red somehow managed to legally copyright the name "The Rawah Ranch" and later sold the rights-to-the-name to Ralph Jordan
The men never reconciled their differences, though. Maps from around that time period have the property next to the Rawah Ranch listed as "Red's Place", I believe. However, it became commonly referred to as "Josephine's" by the locals, because Red installed his mistress, a retired schoolteacher by the name of Josephine Lamb there, and for years he spent
his time either there with her, or on his farm near Ft Collins with his wife! By the time he passed on, he legally owned the land which he had once leased and he willed it to Josephine. After her passing, she left it to her family, and in the early 90's, it was sold to David & Mary Jo Livingston from Lincoln, NE, who still own it and have built a nice cabin across the road & higher up." Deb Michelson

This Original oil painting 11"x 14", on stretched linen canvas, will fit a standard 11" x 14" frame.
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